TELACU: Building the Dream 2020

A Message of Gratitude

Scholarships are a vital investment in a young person’s future, but financial resources alone cannot ensure that our first-generation Latinx students achieve their educational and professional goals.

Our flagship College Success Program—and in particular our Workforce Preparation Academy—helps level the playing field for TELACU Scholars by providing the specialized training and personal coaching that empower them to develop the skills and confidence to succeed beyond the classroom. We also connect them to critical internship and employment opportunities with our network of partners and other major corporations. To affirm our Scholars’ passion for affecting social impact, Social Entrepreneurship / lntrapreneurship training helps them build critical thinking skills and equips them with tools and knowledge to actualize their vision of making a difference.

Thanks to committed partners, like you, TELACU Scholars graduate not only with their college degree, but also with the training, experience and soft skills to become the Change Agents who infuse more capital into the local economy; establish enterprises that create jobs; and are equipped to innovate positive, enduring impact within their ever-expanding spheres of influence.