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Distinguished alum
Creating a path of success for his first generation family


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2020 Outstanding College Graduate
To Mars and Beyond!

BS Computer Science
CSU Los Angeles

To inspire and expand opportunities for women of color in STEM-related fields, Emily is disrupting stereotypical roles of gender and ethnicity. She built impressive experience in and out of the classroom, developing websites and phone applications, and creating numerous platforms for organizations and university projects; she even single-handedly developed a web application for a start-up to support students to excel in their career.

Now, armed with her degree, she takes her gifts and knowledge to new heights as a Software Systems Engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory! Through Mars 2020 Mission Support, she works on a subsystem that processes spacecraft telemetry called AM PCS (AMMOS MuItimission Processing Control System). As her work with NASA propels us into space to continue making new discoveries on the Red Planet, Emily continues to set an example for her fellow Latinx women: to break barriers and launch their potential right here on the Blue Planet.

“Some men see things as they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not.” – Robert F. Kennedy

A visionary corporate leader, PepsiCo sees things a little differently than most. When they look at our TELACU Scholars, they see more than just eager young people striving to achieve higher education; they see innovative, passionate leaders creating positive, enduring change for our global community!

In the past decade, generous funding from our Legacy Partner—the PepsiCo Foundation—has enabled us to grow and enrich programming, with an emphasis on workforce preparation.

PepsiCo Foundation is the premier sponsor of our Workforce Preparation Academy which empowers TELACU Scholars, almost always the first professional in their family, with the developmental training and career preparation they need to thrive in the increasingly technical and competitive workforce. Their growing passion to “do well” for themselves and their families, while also “doing good” for their communities and society in general, sparked the latest expansion of the Academy. Specialized training equips them to become Change Agents in their chosen career, whether as entrepreneurs of their own socially focused venture, or as intrapreneurs dedicated to impacting social issues within an existing company.

PepsiCo’s faithful partnership is empowering TELACU Scholars to transform those things that never were into the reality of a better tomorrow.

Our largest one-time gift: a half-million dollars from PepsiCo Foundation!

PepsiCo is proud to support the TELACU Education Foundation. As the largest food and beverage company in the United States, we believe we have an important role to play in helping to advance social and economic opportunities because our long-term success is linked to the value we provide.

PepsiCo works with community partners to make a difference where our consumers and employees live. We’ve maintained our relationship with TELACU because their work refiects values important to PepsiCo. By working to ensure underserved Latino youth can access a quality education, TELACU supports bright, talented youth who are making a difference in their communities.

While this is an uncertain time, it is certain that TELACU is developing the next generation of leaders who will help forge a path forward and create a better future. PepsiCo is honored to support TELACU because when we adhere to the values that unite us, we are all stronger.

Lupe de la Cruz
Senior Director
Public Policy and Government Affairs, West Region PepsiCo

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