Angel Prado

Angel Prado

From a young age, Angel understood the fundamental difficulties of growing up in a marginalized neighborhood. “I remember being in middle school and not knowing how to do long division,” recalls Angel, “this seemed wrong.”


Angel knew this was unacceptable.  He soon began participating in TELACU’s Education Foundation Programs, where he was introduced to the concept of higher education. Angel dedicated himself to his studies, excelled, and became a top student. He credits TELACU for “instilling in me the confidence that I could, and should, compete for a spot at highly selective schools.”


After gaining admission to several of the nation’s most selective universities, Angel decided on Reed College, a private liberal arts institution. It was there that Angel came to better recognize the socioeconomic challenges that afflict communities like East Los Angeles, and realized that he could make a difference by becoming a voice for his community. “I knew that if I became an attorney, I could become an effective steward for my community.”


After graduating from Reed, Angel attended Cornell Law School. While in law school, Angel externed at the White House, National Economic Council; the Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Competition; the Department of Justice, Criminal Antitrust Division; and the United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York. Angel also served as Acquisitions Editor for The Cornell Journal of Law & Public Policy and received the law school’s George J. Mersereau Fellowship for recognized character and ability. Angel graduated Cornell Law with a focus in business law and regulation, and spent the next four years as an antitrust attorney at the Federal Trade Commission in Washington DC, where he reviewed mergers and acquisitions, and enforced federal antitrust laws.


“It’s because of TELACU that I was able to further my education and achieve my ambition of becoming an attorney—an accomplishment that, regrettably, so few from the inner city are able to achieve.”


In 2016, Angel returned home to Los Angeles, where he now represents Crowell & Moring’s high-profile clients on some of their most important matters—including AT&T in their acquisition of Time Warner!