Ramon Garcia

Ramon asserts that he was not a high achieving student in high school, and even after he discharged from the Army, he did not immediately plan to pursue a college education. Once he enrolled in the TELACU Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) Program, he immediately began to see the discipline and dedication he developed during his time in service pay off in the classroom. Motivated by the college-level coursework the VUB instructors provided, Ramon began to develop the academic skills needed to do well on college-level research papers and exams. With renewed self-confidence, Ramon enrolled at East Los Angeles College (ELAC).

After successfully earning his Associate’s degree, Ramon became a participant in the TELACU College Success Program, and enrolled at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) as an honors student.

Having completed a combat tour in Iraq, Ramon was fully aware of the obstacles his fellow veterans would face as they pursued higher education. Because of this, Ramon was able to use his role as part of the Veterans Administration’s Work Study team at the East Los Angeles Vet Center to encourage recently discharged combat veterans to enroll in TELACU’s VUB Program.

With his multiple selections to the Deans Honor List and the College President’s Award at ELAC and CSULA, Ramon has successfully transitioned the skills he cultivated in the military into the classroom. In the Summer of 2014, Ramon will earn his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resources, after which he plans to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration before he embarks on a career in the public sector.