Our History

Chartered as a Community Development Corporation (CDC), TELACU was initially funded through federal legislation authored by Senators Robert F. Kennedy and Jacob K. Javits to revitalize urban, underserved communities throughout the United States.

Utilizing a unique business model—The TELACU Model—for community and economic development, each and every business TELACU owns and operates has a double bottom line: profitability that is inseparable from social impact. The parent, non-profit CDC owns and operates a Family of Companies called TELACU Industries. These for-profit businesses not only provide valuable products and services to the community; they also provide the economic means for TELACU to sustain its non-profit community-focused entities.

The TELACU Model is based upon the belief that there is no more viable business venture than one that is economically sound, enhances the community, and positively impacts people’s lives. Quality, affordable homes are developed for first-time homeowners, and beautiful residential complexes are constructed and operated for families and senior citizens. New community assets like schools, infrastructure, shopping centers, and municipal facilities are built, creating well-paying jobs and revitalized communities for local residents. Responsive financial institutions are managed to provide access to capital for small business owners and hardworking families. And educational opportunities are expanded to create a greater future for young people and veterans.

The TELACU Timeline

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TELACU Timeline