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The refusal of credit in traditionally underserved communities has locked entrepreneurs and families into financial stagnation that has lasted for generations. To reverse this trend, TELACU established Community Commerce Bank (CCB), a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) designed for the express purpose of serving the credit needs of people in these neighborhoods.

Founded in 1976, CCB offers FDIC-insured statement and term accounts, and uses these deposits to make loans to families and small business owners. With experienced management and a dedicated staff, the Bank operates various branches throughout California.

The remarkable success of CCB is testament to the viability of inner-city lending. The Bank has loaned more than $4 billion to its valued customers, and is one of the most successful, profitable community banks in the nation.

While some banks struggle to meet their community-directed commitments, Community Commerce Bank continues to fulfill its purpose as a responsive financial institution within the communities TELACU serves.