A Message from the Chairman & Founder

Dear Friends:

Together with our network of committed partners, for almost forty years the TELACU Education Foundation has equipped thousands upon thousands of first-generation Latinx students with the tools necessary to shatter barriers to their academic and professional success.

Dr Lizarraga with TEF Students

Each year, the Foundation impacts the lives of approximately 2,000 high school, college and graduate school students, as well as brave veterans, who live in underserved communities. Supporting Latinx—our nation’s largest ethnic minority—not only ensures that these outstanding young people have the opportunity to build their own American Dream, it also transforms the trajectory of their lives, empowering them to build a better future for their families and for us all—for generations to come!

While our first-generation Latinx students have always been disproportionately impacted by socio-economic disparities, never have these negative forces been so threatening as during this time of COVID. Not only has the pandemic jeopardized their education, but also their safety and security; their livelihood, and those of their entire family and support system—the very future they work so hard to build.

But additional support from our generous and committed network of partners over the past year has enabled the TELACU Education Foundation to serve as a safety net for these determined students. Our Team is in constant communication with them and is delivering all supportive services virtually. We have increased scholarship awards, provided critical connectivity devices and accessories, and given students Emergency Relief funds to cover costs such as Wi-Fi, tuition payments that could not be deferred, rent, utilities, food, and essential household supplies.

Thanks to you, this year’s cohort was able to continue the stellar legacy our TELACU Scholars have built individually and collectively. Historically, approximately 98% of our high school students graduate, and almost without exception pursue higher education. More than 99% of our college Scholars earn at minimum a Bachelor’s degree, with a growing number also earning Master’s, JDs, PhDs, and MDs—an impressive 75% of these degrees are in STEM- and Business-related disciplines.

Today, an army of well over 10,000 TELACU Scholar Alumni stretches across our nation and beyond. These gifted and committed Change Makers are the researchers and engineers, the entrepreneurs and CEOs, the educators and policy-makers, the leaders who continue making America—a nation founded on the hopes and dreams of immigrants—the greatest nation on Planet Earth!

On behalf of the entire TELACU Familia, thank you for joining us in our mission of Building the Dream—a dream that can only be realized because of partners…like you!

¡Muchísimas gracias!
DCL Signature
Dr. David C. Lizárraga
Chairman & Founder