Building the Dream Gala

2022 TELACU Gala Save the Date Image

Since 1983, together with our committed network of partners—corporations, individuals, educational institutions, and civic and community leaders—the TELACU Education Foundation has invested in the lives and education of thousands upon thousands of first-generation Latinx students from underserved communities. Each year, proceeds from the Gala empower yet another 2,000 talented and amazing young people to continue Building the Dream of graduating from high school; earning their Bachelor’s, Master’s, JD, MD or PhD; and launching into successful careers in virtually every sector of society. They are the embodiment of the TELACU Mission Statement—to serve, empower, advance, and create self-sufficiencyand they will collectively perpetuate its fulfillment.

While TELACU Scholars have always faced formidable barriers to their academic and professional success, over the past two years they have also been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. The very well-being and survival of their entire families are threatened, as well as their ability to continue pursuing their hopes and dreams of building a better future—not only for themselves, but for our vulnerable world!

As a sponsor of the 38th Annual Building the Dream Virtual Gala you will join nearly 1,000 leaders from the corporate, educational, and civic communities in protecting and preserving our future. Many Alumni—some now sponsors themselves—along with TELACU Scholars will participate in the Gala to thank those who have so profoundly touched their lives. It promises to be a truly memorable and inspiring event!

For information about sponsorship opportunities, kindly email Priscilla Lizárraga at



Corporate Partners, Foundation Leadership and Scholars Onstage at the 36th Annual Building the Dream Gala