Building the Dream Gala

Building The Dream Gala

It is with a combined sense of great pride and immense gratitude that we invite you to participate in the TELACU Education Foundation’s 36th Annual Building the Dream Gala on Friday, June 7, 2019, at the J.W. Marriott at LA LIVE!


   California Assembly, District 48                  California Senate, District 22      
Former PepsiCo NA CEO


Thirty-six years ago, the TELACU Education Foundation began its mission of empowering our community’s talented young people to achieve the academic and professional goals which seemed just beyond their reach. Buoyed by a handful of generous sponsors, our inaugural cohort achieved higher education and entered the professional world equipped to build their dream!

Their success began to flow throughout their families and communities—propelling siblings, classmates, and neighbors toward college degrees—and inspiring others in its wake. What had begun as a modest scholarship program for just 15 Latino college students, created a cascade of achievement that to date has empowered thousands upon thousands of students, a cascade that continues to surge across our community and our nation—thanks to critical investments from our committed partners.

Each year, your unwavering belief in our TELACU Scholars touches the lives of 2,000 first-generation, low-income high school, college, and graduate school students, as well as our nation’s brave veterans. Your support of our 36th Annual Building the Dream Gala will make it possible for the Foundation to continue providing our unique combination of highly effective, comprehensive services and financial resources that enable our amazing students to become the educated professionals whose success and vision shape our future.

This year’s Gala will bring together nearly 1,000 leaders from the corporate, educational and civic communities. Many Alumni—some now sponsors themselves—along with representatives of this year’s outstanding graduates will be present to thank those who have touched their lives so profoundly.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for what promises to be a truly memorable and inspiring event. If you have any questions or require additional information, kindly email Priscilla Lizárraga at

On behalf of each student, family, and community you continue to serve, empower, advance, and help to achieve self-sufficiency, thank you for partnering with us in Building the Dream!
Corporate Partners, Foundation Leadership and Scholars Onstage at the 35th Annual Building the Dream Gala