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TELACU Trio College Readiness ProgramWith primary funding from the U.S. Department of Education and vital supplemental funding by other Foundation partners, our TRiO Programs empower and prepare students to progress on the Foundation’s Continuum of Education by providing comprehensive academic support and guidance necessary to graduate from high school, and be prepared and equipped to pursue and complete postsecondary education. In addition, veteran participants are provided with college preparatory curriculum to support an effective transition into postsecondary education.

This is accomplished by providing participants one-on-one academic guidance and support; access to college campus visits throughout the state; real-life experiences for high school participants through the summer instructional component held at a college campus; and guidance and instruction on successfully navigating all aspects of the complex college admissions process.

TEF’s College Readiness Program exposes our high school Scholars to the dynamic career opportunities available in the fields of STEM and business. Our team provides our young people the academic support and guidance required for them to succeed in these rigorous disciplines.