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TELACU Construction Management is a leader in the design, management, and construction of Capital Improvement Projects. Since 1995, we have brought our expertise to the completion of schools, public buildings, municipalities, and parks. What sets us apart is our depth of understanding and our ability to integrate the different facets of a construction project – planning, scheduling, budgeting, accounting, design management, procurement, construction, commissioning, and closeout – into one seamless process. TELACU Construction Management provides standardized technical and management expertise bringing over 23 years of experience in public works construction.                                                                                                          

Services and Experience

TCM functions as a full service construction management firm the majority of our business dedicated to public works construction. Over the course of the last 23 years, TCM has completed more than $4.25 billion dollars of construction as a program manager, construction manager, or a general contractor, for over 50 different public agencies. We pride ourselves in the management of public works construction projects and consider ourselves experts in the renovation and expansion of community assets.

  • Planning – TCM takes an active approach in design review, reconciling the budget and the plans while performing constructability reviews, value engineering sessions, and providing accurate estimates during the design phase. 
  • Project Controls – TCM provides financial planning and reporting services on all aspects of the project using financial management tools developed specifically for public works building projects.
  • Pre-Construction – TCM believes that the success of each project is determined during the preconstruction phase and it is our goal at the beginning stages of each project to ensure we set up our team for success.
  • Contract Management – TCM’s qualified professionals function as the owner’s representative to coordinate and schedule the operations of a single general contractor or multiple trade subcontractors. Utilizing tested and proven management techniques, TCM professionals manage all the construction-related elements of the project, including advice and recommendations during planning, design, and construction, for the purpose of controlling time, cost, and quality. We maintain all records and daily logs and actively manage the bid construction process.
  • We also place a high level of importance on proper document control and require our field staff to maintain accurate, up-to-date information and schedules on each project from notice to proceed to notice of completion. This becomes particularly important as a program/project moves forward to ensure all proper documentation at the project level has been developed and submitted to meet required deadlines.
  • Federal/State/Local Agency Coordination As an experienced construction management firm, our staff will be responsible for coordinating all activities with Federal/State/Local agencies.
  • Sustainability Consulting As a community-based company, we understand the importance of the industry-wide shift to green building practices and are committed to being a leader in this We believe that green building standards can be met within a competitive budget. TCM is a member of the United States Green Building Council and has LEED-certified professionals on staff to assist clients in meeting their LEED certification and green/sustainability goals.
  • Closeout – Closeout begins on the first day of the project, coordinating the project documents and submittals to ensure completion with compliance. We excel in meeting the project closeout requirements and have an excellent track record for timely closeout on all projects.