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Low-income communities face ever-increasing obstacles in these difficult economic times. Among the many financial challenges families face is the high cost of energy. With much of the household budget increasingly consumed by the basic necessities of life, very little is often left to build the dream of a more prosperous future. Since 1981, TELACU has partnered with Southern California Gas Company and Southern California Edison to directly address this issue.


TELACU Weatherization/Inter-City Energy Systems provides weatherization measures such as attic insulation, weather stripping, furnace repair and replacement, water heater blankets, and repairs to doors and windows for thousands of low-income households each year. These measures are provided at no cost to qualified homeowners. A weatherized home provides an “energy efficient envelope” that retains heat in the winter, remains cooler in the summer, and thereby results in significant energy savings.

slideshow_telacu_weatherization03Over a span of more than 30 years, TELACU Weatherization/Inter-City Energy Systems has served more than 300,000 households in our community.