About the TELACU Family of Companies

TELACU MuralThese profitable businesses, by their very nature, provide much of the benefit TELACU creates to empower communities – new homes, new jobs, revitalized neighborhoods, access to capital, restored infrastructure, and new community assets. As the economic engine that propels TELACU’s Mission Statement, TELACU Industries provides people with the tools they need to build their own lives.

While many non-profit organizations must necessarily focus on sustaining operations through the receipt of philanthropic contributions, TELACU Industries provides the opportunity for TELACU to create self-sustaining assets to ensure the organization’s long-term viability. Each of the businesses comprising the TELACU Family of Companies is able to create lasting value and positive physical change within underserved communities. By remaining consistent with TELACU’s cornerstones of service, empowerment, advancement and the creation of self-sufficiency, TELACU’s businesses each provide a double bottom line – profitability that is inseparable from social impact.

That’s the TELACU Model.