Welcome to TELACU

michael_and_david_lizarragaFor nearly a half-century, the men and women of TELACU have sought out partners like you who understand the value of empowering the communities in which we live and work. Since our establishment in 1968, we have firmly believed that providing tools to others in the form of jobs, affordable housing, loans, new community assets and scholarships is the most effective means to empowering people to build a legacy for themselves and for their families.

TELACU exists for the purpose of making a difference in the communities we serve. Our successful track record and longevity in community development are detailed on this site. But no one ever accomplishes a mission like ours on their own. As you peruse this site and learn more about the history and scope of our organization, we invite you to dream with us as to how we might continue making a difference in partnership with you.

All of us at TELACU consider it a great privilege to work every day in serving, empowering, advancing and creating self-sufficiency in our communities – communities we build with partners like you.

Welcome to TELACU!

Dr. David C. Lizárraga
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Founder & Chairman
TELACU Education Foundation

  Dr. Michael Lizárraga
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President & CEO