About TEF

In 1983, TELACU established its Education Foundation in response to crisis-level dropout rates for Latino students in college.

Empowering New Generations of Leaders

telacu_education_foundationFor more than three decades, the TELACU Education Foundation has transformed educational outcomes for thousands of first-generation students from the under-resourced communities TELACU serves by continually pioneering solutions that shatter barriers to higher education faced by Latino youth—the predominant segment of our nation’s largest and fastest-growing demographic.

The Continuum of Education—a dynamic model created by the Foundation and comprised primarily of the College Readiness and College Success Programs—propels these students from high school through graduate studies. Commensurate with their academic level, students are provided with a combination of financial resources and a comprehensive support system that includes academic advisement and career guidance, as well as academic, leadership, personal, and professional development seminars which are fundamental to their future success.

Additionally, through its STEM and Business Initiative, the Continuum promotes pursuit of these careers and provides the support and preparation needed to successfully attain degrees in these rigorous disciplines. As a result, over 80% of Scholars major in STEM or Business and are equipped to meet the growing demand for highly skilled professionals in these technical fields, ensuring that entrepreneurship and innovation remain hallmarks of our great nation!

Annually, through the generous investments of our network of committed partners—corporations, individuals, and educational institutions—the Foundation supports more than 2,000 students, including veterans, in realizing their dream of higher education. Together we have empowered TELACU Scholars to build a stellar legacy of achievement: nearly every one of our high school students graduates and pursues higher education; nearly every one of our college Scholars earns at minimum a Bachelor’s degree, and a growing number go on to seek advanced degrees.* At TELACU, we believe that the true measure of our success is not the number of our Scholars who begin college, but rather the number who ultimately attain a college degree.

Beginning with a modest 15 Scholars in 1983, today TELACU Scholar Alumni number thousands of extraordinary individuals nationwide. They include Master’s and PhD program graduates from some of the most prestigious colleges and universities, and diverse professionals who are excelling as leaders across all sectors—from business, engineering and the sciences, to public policy, law, education and the arts.

*Actual graduation rates of TELACU Scholars in 2012-13 Academic Year
High School: 98.7%
College: 98.9%