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TELACU Real Estate Services (TRES) is a premier developer of commercial, industrial and retail properties. TRES is also the commercial property management subsidiary of TELACU responsible for advancing our communities by attracting employers, creating jobs, and restoring a cycle of reinvestment and revitalization. TELACU’s development portfolio forms a vital part of the foundation on which the self-sustaining TELACU Model is built – a strategy for community development based upon the belief that there is no more viable business venture than one that is economically sound, enhances the community, and positively impacts people’s lives.

The earliest example of this strategy is TELACU’s redevelopment of the abandoned 50-acre B.F. Goodrich tire manufacturing plant in East Los Angeles. Antiquated and abandoned, this crumbling structure symbolized the economic stagnation and disinvestment that gripped this community for nearly a generation.

But where others saw only hopelessness and blight, TELACU saw opportunity. Today on this site stands TELACU Industrial Park, a multi-use commercial and industrial center that created more than 2,200 jobs. It is also the home of TELACU’s community landmark headquarters building – TELACU Center. This revolutionary development announced TELACU’s arrival as a major force for inner city revitalization when it was completed in 1978. Since developing this first important project, TELACU has built more than 5 million square feet of job-creating space.